Studio 8100’s Pre Pro Ensemble is for the most dedicated student, who is committed to advancing her/his skills as a well-rounded dancer, and wishes to train at a professional level.

Pre Pro students rehearse every Saturday from 10am-12pm, focusing on both technique and choreography. All scheduled rehearsals are mandatory! The students will learn choreographed routines in various styles geared towards local and regional competitions. Pre Pro students will attend three competitions and/or conventions this season, taking place in the spring, January-April, 2016.

Pre Pro students are selected based on talent and dedication.

All students accepted into Pre Pro, MUST sign a Studio 8100/parent contract, and agree to all requirements, obligations and fees involved with being a member of Studio 8100’s Pre Professional Ensemble during season 2016/2017.

There will be additional expenses related to competitions specifically, such as:

*Competition fees

*Travel expenses & hotel 


Once accepted into Pre Pro, the students will be chosen for specific competition pieces by the responsible choreographer/teacher. All solo and duo/trio entries are by teacher invitation only. Choreography and rehearsals for solos and duos/trios will involve extra training and fees, separate from Pre Pro’s weekly rehearsals.

ALL group choreography and training will take place during Pre Pro's Saturday rehearsals with NO additional cost for the choreography itself.

Mandatory Pre Pro rehearsals: September 2016 - May 2017.