My name is Hilde Falk - I am the founder and owner of STUDIO 8100.


Studio 8100 was inspired by my daughter's love for dance and my own desire to create a fun, high quality dance studio in Vail, offering popular dance disciplines, such as Contemporary Dance, Improv & Hip Hop. 

Dance was my passion growing up. I spent hours every day dancing a variety of forms, from Classical Ballet to Ballroom.  A future without dance was unthinkable.  But life took its course and things changed when I decided to go into medical school.  Consumed with my career as a family physician in Norway for the last two decades, dance became a distant memory... until one day when my family and I decided it was time to "move on".  In the spring of 2009, I sold my medical practice in Norway and headed for Vail, Colorado. My husband was thrilled to be back in his hometown, and I immediately fell in love with the Vail lifestyle! We were finally able to spend more time together as a family and enjoy life in the mountains.... all the while I was waiting for another career path to reveal itself.

Through countless conversations with children and parents over the years, it became apparent that there was a lack of dance options in the valley.  From a "silly thought" one day, to an actual plan the next, came the vision of a new and exciting dance studio. I knew my greatest challenge would be to find quality dance instructors who were willing to move to Vail.  But with a lot of research and a deal of luck, it all came together. Tasha Hamilton and Morgan Flahive-Foro, both young compassionate dancers, became STUDIO 8100's first instructors!

Who would have thought that I would come full circle and join the world of dance again? This time by sharing the love of dance with your children.