Navigating the Show (Part 2): Hair & Makeup Tips

We are fine-tuning our recital pieces and it’s almost show time! As we get into the final rehearsal schedule, it’s important to remember that not only is the choreography a vital aspect to any performance piece, but stage presence is significant as well. Here are some tips on creating a look to go with your dancer’s routine.


Supplies for perfectly groomed recital hair: Gel, Hairspray (Strong Hold), Bobby Pins (Matching with hair color), BLACK or BROWN Hair ties (no other colors), Hairbrush AND Fine Tooth Comb, Hair Net (for Ballet Buns), and Hair Donut (if desired)
Ponytails: Apply a quarter size dollop of gel onto palms, rub together and apply to hair, using fingers to disperse throughout. Use brush to pull hair back into a basic ponytail (don’t put in the hair tie just yet!) and then use a fine to comb to make it super sleek. You can also add some hair spray before you put in the hair tie. Once the hair tie is in, spray head with a LOT of spray. Pretty much can’t have too much hairspray!
Buns: Follow instructions above THEN, you can use a donut or simply twist hair into a bun. Add a hair net to keep fly-a ways intact and insert lots of bobby pins!
A few bobby pin tips: Lay bobby pins on a tissue or paper towel and lightly spray with hairspray. Next, when inserting bobby pins, the FLAT side is UP and the WAVY side goes down, towards your scalp.
Have a hat or another hair accessory? PIN IT -t least 4 times!!!!


HAVE FUN WITH MAKEUP and do not stress. As your child continues to dance, they will learn how to do this themselves and even look forward to the process.
Practice, practice, practice! If make-up in unchartered territory or if you don’t have much experience applying it to someone else, we recommend doing several practice applications. Have your makeup wipes close at hand for any corrections you may need to make. Practicing ahead of show time can also ease some of the mother-daughter makeup battles we see so often backstage.
Foundation: If you decide to use foundation, and it’s really only necessary for older (teen) dancers, please don’t use a color lighter than the color of your chest! If anything, go a shade darker as the lights will wash your face out!
Cheeks: Please use either a coral or pink color on the apples of your cheeks. Again, those lights will make you look like you don’t even have a face, so when you think it’s enough blush, put a little more FOR STAGE!
Eyes: Try to do a smoky eye and blend with a brush. Put the darker colors closest to the lash line, AND BLEND UPWARDS, and only go as far as the eye CREASE!!! The higher you go towards the brow, the more clown-like it can look. And all we’re trying to do is highlight the face to bring it out amongst the bright lights. The most flattering colors on everyone are purples, grey, browns. PLEASE USE Black eyeliner on top lids and black mascara and for those who want to indulge, fake eyelashes!!!
Lips: Please use either red or berry colors for the lips. We recommend the following as it looks great on everyone: REVLON #740 Certainly Red
Make-Up Kit Supplies: Be sure to purchase these items BEFORE recital time, you would be surprised how sudden Walmart and Walgreens deplete in products are recital time.

Make-Up Basics:

• Blush, Eye Shadow, Eyeliner, Mascara, Lipstick
• Extras (if desired): Foundation, Fake Eyelashes, Concealer
• Make-Up Remover Wipes
• Q-tips and a small packet of tissues
• Small Mirror

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