Teacher Spotlight | Meet Taylor and Learn About The Important Lesson Dance Taught Her

Our teacher Taylor Strickland is a Colorado native hailing from Aurora, Colo., and has danced all over the
state. While she started dancing at a young age, dance was simply an outlet for energy until Taylor
made the active decision to make dance her number one and hasn’t looked back. With a love for jazz
and ballet, you would have a hard-time catching Taylor not moving or grooving her way around the Vail

Taylor danced with a company in Denver training in several disciplines of dance for years, but she went
the extra step and went to an art school during high school, making dance a part of her education. The
exposure to dance professionals, different styles and the opportunity to dance daily was another proof
point for Taylor’s love of dancing, but it started with a setback. The first time Taylor auditioned for
Denver School of the Arts she was denied, but it motivated her to dance more, work harder and try out
again three years later. That marks the first lesson Taylor learned from dance, if you fall – get up.
“Between the challenging new skills and slick floors, you can assume you will end on the floor at least once a
month if not weekly,” said Taylor. “Whether you fall metaphorically or literally there is no time to sulk, you
instead stand up and improve for the next attempt.”

Since working at Studio 8100, she has enjoyed watching the students grow through dance instruction.
“Dancing may be a physical activity, but the skill of learning to take instruction is an important aspect,”
said Taylor. During any dance class, students are asked to do seemingly impossible feats without blinking
and occasionally with names from different languages. “From the instruction perspective, dancers learn
an impressive attention to detail and discipline, and I am lucky enough to have students who try their
hardest without hesitation.”

Next time you are in the studio take a second to say hello to Taylor! Chances are she is exposing our
students to the best practices of jazz hands, but she is always available to chat and if dance is not your
thing she is happy to talk about football!

More About Taylor:

Dance Background:

I started dancing at the age of six, so I could learn effective ways to landing after I flipped off my
family’s couch. Initially, I only took ballet and since learned more than seven other styles of dance. I
danced on the Company at Cherry Creek Dance in Denver, Colo., at the Denver School of the Arts as a
Dance major, on the Cherokee Trail High School Pom team, and University of Texas Dance team each
allowing me the opportunity to perform and compete locally and nationally. Throughout all my years
of dancing and to this day I continue my dance education with world-renowned performers and

What is your favorite genre of dance? Why?

I am a big fan of jazz dancing. The style of jazz is characteristically sharp and very strong, and you can
pump endless amounts of energy into it. Jazz is also a style that allows for a lot of performance and
character incorporation which is a lot of fun, especially when you throw in exciting technical skills.
My favoritism is a tie with ballet too. It may not seem like the most exciting style, but it is the
foundation of all of the core dance genres, and overcoming ballet challenges is extremely gratifying!
Not to mention, it is a beautiful and graceful style with the best costumes.

When I am not dancing, I am….

Eating macaroni and cheese, watching football or watching movies about football (when football
season is over).

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