Teacher Spotlight | Meet Corinne and Learn Why Studio 8100 Is About More Than Dance!

Studio 8100 teacher Corinne Mickler has lived in several fun locales including Hawaii and San Diego, Richmond, and Illinois, but one thing has always been constant – Dance. Like many dancers, she was introduced to dancing at a young age but didn’t have consistent training until she was in middle school as a student o the Fairfax Academy for Communications of Performing Arts.  Now that she has made the Vail Valley her home, she as also made Studio 8100 her home as well, teaching students of all ages in a variety of styles.

Corinne’s background involved a variety of teachers, studios and performance experiences, exposing her to a variety of styles and disciplines.  After discovering she was “hooked” on dance her senior year in high school, Corinne went on to receive her Bachelor’s degree in Dance and Psychology with the intent of becoming a Somatic Therapist.  Dance became her passion following a lifetime of being an athlete when it helped her through a tough time in her life in her teen years.  Her growth in dance has not been simply about movement, but rather what one can achieve through synchronizing your mind, body and spirit.

Now that Studio 8100 is her home, Corinne loves the sense of community our studio offers our students. “There is so much emphasis on competition and achievement in our world, and it is my goal to make each and every student know that they matter and are already amazing,” said Corinne. It is also a place for dancers to learn other lessons like hard work, perseverance and authenticity. “If you know who you are and how to work hard, you are unstoppable.”


We love the fun we have when we are dancing, but Studio 8100 is about way more than dance and Corinne is leading the way in teaching that to our students!


More About Corinne:

What’s Your Favorite Style of Dance?

That has changed many times but currently: Hip Hop.  I love experimenting and playing with rhythm and syncopation.  I also love the rich history of hip hop and its evolution from street dance styles.  Dance is such an important part of who we are as human beings, and I think hip-hop is especially exciting because of its origins as a social dance style which makes it a direct expression of the human experience.

When I am Not Dancing, I am…

Training in the GYROTONIC method, studying Tantric and Yogic philosophy and sharing time in a VW camper van with my love, Rob, who continually teaches me life lessons through outdoor self-reliance excursions and the art of mountain biking.


Fun Fact?

I enjoy balancing my finances and learning about investing!


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