Teacher Spotlight | Jennifer Burke! : Studio 8100’s resident Michigander and Modern Expert

From the very first time Jennifer stepped into dance class she knew she was hooked, she was introduced to dance as a figure skater at eight years old and left as a dancer.  Hailing from Ann Arbor, Michigan, Jennifer has spent years chasing the “electric” she feels with each movement and stretch.  Since that fateful moment, Jennifer has not only become an accomplished dancer, but she is also one of our incredible teachers at Studio 8100.

Throughout the years, Jennifer’s experience is not limited to one style, discipline or even region.  Jennifer has studied ballet, jazz, tap, modern, West African, Bollywood, Egyptian Bellydance and so much more.  In high-school, she danced close to 15 hours a week with local companies throughout Michigan at a pre-professional level and hasn’t slowed down since. Following that training, Jennifer went to college and received her Bachelors in Science in Dance with a minor in Health Psychology from Wayne State University with a focus in kinesiology. More recently, Jennifer has been a member of the National Dance Education Organization and attended the National Conference in Chicago.

At Studio 8100 you can catch Jennifer teaching students of all ages and experience levels.  Though she is not one to play favorites, Jennifer must admit she favors the dance style of Modern.  With Modern’s natural flow, freedom of expression and history she has been drawn to it. “To me, modern dance is cathartic and just makes my body sing.”

More About Jennifer!

What’s your favorite thing about teaching at 8100?

The students! Studio 8100 is such a fun place to work and teach because the students are so fun! They love to laugh and work hard, which to a teacher is everything.

What lessons have you learned from dancing that you apply in other areas of your life?

Discipline. It is essential to know how to work hard, how to practice, how to prepare to tackle a task, and how to overcome a challenge. Learning dance teaches these building blocks and can be applied throughout life in any situation.

When I am not dancing, I am….

Hanging out with my husband and two cats watching movies! Beyond my boundless love for dance, I love to cook. I will spend hours on the weekends reading cookbooks, watching food network and trying new recipes. Cooking is simply another platform for me to be creative and a methodical outlet that I love!


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