Welcome to the NEW Studio 8100

Martha Graham once profoundly said, “Great dancers are not great because of their technique, they are great because of their passion.” It is that passion that I want to cultivate in the dancers at Studio 8100.

I have spent my entire life in dance studios, and there is one aspect that remains constant: even the most seasoned dancers continue to take classes throughout their dance career to maintain and grow their abilities. My dance story reflects this as well – I have evolved from student, to performer, to teacher, to studio owner. Each phase of growth I learned new tools that are so vivid and valid to where I am today, but none more so than an injury that rocked my ability to be where I love the most; dancing on the floor in front of the mirror with my peers and students.

Students who have been dancing at Elevation since 2010

I opened Elevation Dance Studio in Steamboat Springs in 2010 with a team of incredible teachers and directors. In 2013, I began the process of looking into how I can expand into the Vail Valley, and until now, was never in the place where I thought I could fully bring that same energy and passion, sense of community, and quality dance education that Elevation has.

I am the type of teacher that has to get in there and demonstrate, and I had never known any other way. I suppose I can blame that on the performer in me. I have always said that dance is my first true love. When I was diagnosed with a labral tear in my left hip, the ability for me to be the person, and the role within the studio I have been for 18 years, was about to evolve again.

In May, I underwent a successful labrum reconstruction and arthroscopy. I literally learned to walk again, and I am now in the process of strengthening my muscles to eventually be able to dance again. When the temptation to get into the studio before my body would be ready became intense, I revisited opening another location in Vail.

Solange going over Ballet terminology at Elevation’s ballet summer intensive

Ferly Prado after teaching class

With the overwhelming support of my faculty in Steamboat and my family, and working in collaboration with Dance Assist and parents of students, Studio 8100 has been reborn. I could not be more thrilled for the place I am in today and the opportunity to rebuild all over again. My team in Steamboat is excited for the opportunity to be a part of the Vail Valley starting with the Master Classes we are offering Sun., Sept. 17, with two of Tina Turner’s former dancers: Elevation’s Ballet Master, Solange Guenier-Chambers, and Ferly Prado.

And, this is just the beginning.

Students taking class with Miss Corinne at Studio 8100

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